stupid quotes from yet another propaganda article

Up in Smoke, another slanted article about ecig use.

“‘We prefer methods that don’t have any addictives,’ said Harwood, who gives her cessation students nicotine patches.”

*** Nicotine is really, really addictive. Super-duper addictive. Most Americans know this.

“According to the National Research Center for Women & Families, Gamucci America Electronic Cigarette company claims that ‘to our knowledge, no cases of e-smoking related cancer have been reported.’ But the center adds that there is no evidence that they are safer than regular cigarettes”

*** The National Research Center for Women & Families turned to an ecig vendor for health and safety info and ignored published studies from the medical community, such as this one. That’s some research. The Center’s website claims that they promote “the health and safety of women, children, and families, by using objective, research-based information to encourage new, more effective programs and policies.” Bullsh*t.

Vape on!


eCigs and the Environment

An article published in April by National Geographic News looks at traditional and electronic cigarettes from a fresh angle – harm to the environment.

As a former smoker I’m proud to say that I never threw cigarette butts on the ground, but plenty of smokers have and still do litter in this way. According to the article, a single butt can take up to 10 years to decompose in some cases. Cigarette litter eventually ends up in the public waterways and oceans leaching toxic chemicals.

By comparison, ecigs are far less wasteful since cartomizers and atomizers can be refilled/reused, and even when disposed of are lacking the toxic chemical additives found in cigarettes. Cigarettes are single use products and create far more waste than their electronic counterparts. The vapor emitted by ecigs is also less harmful than secondhand smoke, in fact secondhand vapor has not been proven to be damaging to the environment or bystanders at all.

If you’ve switched from smoking to vaping you should be proud of that choice. It’s cheaper, likely quite healthier, smells better, tastes better, and is better for the environment and those around us!

Vape on!