We need a rolling road block in the McDonalds Drive Through

Ugh why does it make me so mad?

Your sitting in the lane at the McDonald’s with the double drive through’s and people think that their rush is greater than the other 10 people patiently waiting there turn. Each time one of these folks jumps ahead it saves them 5 minutes and adds 5 minutes to the day of the other  10 people waiting in line.  I was studying this phenomenon today while trying to get a happy meal for my daughter. I was contemplating the rolling road block maneuver we see the Semi-Trailers do when there is a lane closed on the freeway to stop all those folks trying  to jump ahead of everyone else then push back in at the last moment. Come on people stop feeling so self important that everyone else does not matter? What is wrong with you? Am I the only one who feels like this?

How has the world changed so much that this is acceptable behavior?  During my study I also noticed that there was not any one particular stereotype,  people from all walks of life see to have this affliction. All I can say is that is not how I was raised, I may be no Angel but I do have something called common decency.


2 thoughts on “We need a rolling road block in the McDonalds Drive Through

  1. People will do things in cars that they wouldn’t otherwise do outside of an automobile. That same Southern gentleman who opens the door for me will cut me off in traffic. Most of us don’t really see the people people behind that wheel, we see the automobile – the one that’s in our way.

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