The Boss is almost here!



Well the new boss mods left the manufacturer yesterday and I am more than ready for them to arrive, this has been a long time coming. I have spent a long time searching for a 3.7v ecig mod that everyone can afford that looks kinda cool. There were certain criteria i was looking for in this, affordability, safety, durability, something that looks good, portability, and easy to use so every Vaper can have one and not be excluded from owning a great mod because of your finances. 



Here are some of the features

  • 5 click on off
  • 10s cut off
  • short circuit protection (you can reset it after the safety kicks in)
  • Led ¬†around the button so you know your mod is firing!
  • uses 18650 batteries so you can Vape for hours and hours¬†

And the best part of all this mod will only cost you $39.99 even though it could easily be sold with all these features for $100 or more.

Also this mod will not be exclusive to SmartVapes¬†we will be making it available wholesale to other vendors, Brick and Mortars and Online vendors, the more that get out there the better we think. None of this “exclusivity”¬†¬†

So if you want to be notified first when they have arrived and get exclusive coupon codes Join our news list 

Allan Bullock

Man great times at MOV Brick and Mortar opening!


Man great times at the Mountain Oak Vapors grand opening last weekend I think am still recovering! 5 hour drive to Cleveland TN from Jackson TN where we are but it sure was worth it! I can’t wait to work with more vendors I think each one will make SmartVapes¬†a stronger and better online ecig company to give you guys a much larger range of products to choose from.


Good Times had by all MOV has a great selection of E Liquids and we are lucky enought to carry them at SmartVapes,


So if your passing through TN or vape near cleveland drop in and check them out

Their address is

7667 North Lee Highway
Cleveland, TN


The Propaganda Machine and You

Man yet another misguided news site copy and pasting some sensationalist crap about electronic cigarettes they stumbled upon on the internet! When does it end?

In the old days at least the journalists used to make stuff up! But now they just find a post and run with it without doing any research at all, please don’t call it news, call it your blog, your copy and paster, whatever you like. What makes me nuts is the fact that sometimes they are just passing on propaganda pushed by big pharma to put the squeeze on our industry. One individual puts out some misconstrued garbage and 300 other folks copy and adapt it calling it big news because they have no content of their own and don’t bother going into the facts behind it.

Do the maths people, individual A puts out garbage about the health risks of ecigs, individuals B, C, D, and E say wow thats a sensational story! and without checking the facts spread the word! making the story big headlines on many websites, Individual F does some checking and finds out Individual A is actually working off grants from big pharma and is not a reliable and unbiased source of information after all! Now individuals B,C,D and E are quite¬†embarrassed! Well they would be if they gave a crap! ¬†But they probably don’t because of the big exposure they got when they first started sharing the original garbage.


What can you do?

If you know or read something that isnt right, a blog, a news article, anywhere you see it. Don’t just get mad and move on, say something! 99% of these sites have comments you can leave, some will be filtered out and some will get through but always share your thoughts! Many people will read the main garbage then see all the comments disputing the content.

Make a Difference People! or at least try!

stupid quotes from yet another propaganda article

Up in Smoke, another slanted article about ecig use.

“‘We prefer methods that don’t have any addictives,’ said Harwood, who gives her cessation students nicotine patches.”

*** Nicotine is really, really addictive. Super-duper addictive. Most Americans know this.

“According to the National Research Center for Women & Families, Gamucci America Electronic Cigarette company claims that ‘to our knowledge, no cases of e-smoking related cancer have been reported.’ But the center adds that there is no evidence that they are safer than regular cigarettes”

*** The National Research Center for Women & Families turned to an ecig vendor for health and safety info and ignored published studies from the medical community, such as this one. That’s some research. The Center’s website claims that they promote “the health and safety of women, children, and families, by using objective, research-based information to encourage new, more effective programs and policies.” Bullsh*t.

Vape on!

eCigs and the Environment

An article published in April by National Geographic News looks at traditional and electronic cigarettes from a fresh angle – harm to the environment.

As a former smoker I’m proud to say that I never threw cigarette butts on the ground, but plenty of smokers have and still do litter in this way. According to the article, a single butt can take up to 10 years to decompose in some cases. Cigarette litter eventually ends up in the public waterways and oceans leaching toxic chemicals.

By comparison, ecigs are far less wasteful since cartomizers and atomizers can be refilled/reused, and even when disposed of are lacking the toxic chemical additives found in cigarettes. Cigarettes are single use products and create far more waste than their electronic counterparts. The vapor emitted by ecigs is also less harmful than secondhand smoke, in fact secondhand vapor has not been proven to be damaging to the environment or bystanders at all.

If you’ve switched from smoking to vaping you should be proud of that choice. It’s cheaper, likely quite healthier, smells better, tastes better, and is better for the environment and those around us!

Vape on!