Vape-Blog by Allan from SmartVapes

This is the latest from our old blog we are taking down


Can you say Holy Bunyip Mods Batman??

a Sneak peak at the new dual 14500 ecig mods being built thanks to our Artist Thomasin.

Cant wait to get these built!


We Kicked off our Facebook Competition yesterday to a flying start!

We are giving away one of  our VV Altoids (or penguin) mods when we get to 500 likes and at this rate that wont be long at all! to enter all you have to do is go here, make sure you do steps one and two! if you have allready liked SmartVapes it will take you straight to step two!


Here is old tube I found about our Dripping Atomizers


Full time SmartVapes came a little sooner I am here now!

So some of the changes your going to like

Order before 4pm EST and your order ships today (3pm EST on Saturdays)

The live help on the website will be manned most of the time when its not you can leave a message

More time to track down and find new merchandise

More time to travel to more Vape Meets

More youtube reviews

Customer service is what built SmartVapes and we can focus on it more

More mods we make ourselves to keep the overheads down and pass on the savings

via Vape-Blog by Allan from SmartVapes.


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