The Morning Coffee

As I sit here sipping my coffee I have several thoughts going through my head. The first one is what about this thing of FaceBook apparently going to ban Ecig Vendors.. On one hand its a outrage, on the other, we have had a lot more trials and tribulations than just that. Guess we will just have to stick to the old Twitter and Google+! But wait, come to America they said, the land of the free… Or is it only free to a certain degree? I should be a lot angrier than I am about it but until I go to log into my FaceBook account and find its not there anymore I guess I will just wait and see. Maybe its just a bad dream and if I stick my head in the sand it will go away.

So now my thoughts move to a different subject and I am not sure why I am wasting my limited brain cells on this one because I think I am taking this kinda personally. It came to my attention through watching various media that someone has been actively instructing people how to go on the the Vape Stations (Stickam/VapeTeam/etc) online and act like a newer vaper to scam free starter kits and the like. Now I am sure a lot of people believe that all us ecig vendor types run about in our private jets and kick it with heff at the Playboy Mansion but I can assure you this is not the case. I am sure a lot of people believe that when we donate kits to these online places to give away that we get some kind of ROI and make tons of money for the free advertising. I can also assure you this is not the case either. some of these show have what 20-30 people in them tops? of that by giving something away you may convert one person to being a loyal customer? You get my point its hardly something you do to make any money out of it, the truth of the matter for a lot of us we do it because we like to give back to the community and make someones day.  I have given away many kits to people I run into when I find out they are new or trying to get someone off cigarettes just because I want to. I have even told the hosts sometimes not to tell anyone where its coming from because I don’t feel the need to make a big deal about it. But the kicker here is.. That asshole who is scamming that kit away from someone who needs it is taking food off my daughters table. This comes out of my pocket and is something I give freely to people I want to give it to based on the information I have at hand.  I will suffer the expense gladly to help someone out but just because because I have a Vendor logo on my ass does that give you the right to rip me and the person who really needs it off?  Sometimes the host of the show spends money out of their pocket to ship this to you, thinking they are doing the right thing, they don’t get anything out of it, in fact all it does for them is cost, they do it because they want to contribute to the community.  I guess its really hard for me to talk about this sensibly without going on a mindless rant because I am so mad about it.

My Final thought for the day.

As I try to make the best of this weekend I can’t wait to get my daughter and spend some time with her, because yes she is the center of my world. My thoughts are with the folks down south who got hit again with yet another hurricane and left dealing with the aftermath of that. The odd thing is I pulled a little inspiration from watching a guy who had just had his house flooded out one more time in his Louisiana accent get on the TWC and say “Well everyone wants a waterfront property”. It makes you think, there is always someone somewhere going through a tougher time than you. So celebrate what you have and not what you do not.

Allan Bullock.


One thought on “The Morning Coffee

  1. Hey man I am totally with you here. It just goes to show that although The United States claim to be country with the most freedoms, the “almighty” dollar actually dictates what measures gets passed. Now mind you, I believe Facebook is only condemning pages of this nature due to misinformation. If their TOS team can be educated into the actual benefits of e-cigarettes over analogues, maybe they would curtail these bans.

    At the same time, I can relate to the “selling” aspect of the pages banned. Facebook wants their cut. If they can’t have a “piece” of the action, they want you off their servers. It’s basically my perception of it, so don’t think what I’m saying is actual fact. What I think they should have done was send out warning messages to ecig vendors ahead of time so they would have time to make the appropriate changes. This action seemed a bit…harsh.

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